Celtech full band

Celtech was kicked off in August 2008 in Glastonbury, England by brothers Sunny & Ed Davidson. Between them they threw a smorgasbord of influences in the pot, form folk to dub, psychedelia to funk and cooked up a unique dish of groove driven Celtic dub and electronica, generously garnished with world flavours and with lyrical, lilting Celtic melodies soaring over the top and weaving in and out of an eclectic and ambient soundscape. The lineup soon swelled to include a solid crew of diddlers and tune smiths from bands such as Fern Hill and Dragonsfly. Traditional and original tunes written by members of the band provided the starting of points for these explorations into the realms of cultural fusion.

Celtech have gone on to become firm festival favourites, rocking the UK underground scene, providing the soundtrack for much muddy revelling over the years and bringing Celtic vibes to a whole new generation of up for it groovers. Just what you would expect from a ‘Glastonbury supergroup’ – BBC Radio Somerset